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  • Magazine Company Business & Finance

    By Imaginet

    0 out of 5

    “Magazine Company Business & Finance” is a all-encompassing, how-to-book, that contains information on all aspects of the magazine business, including magazine finance, design, management, marketing, and operations. "Magazine Company Business & Finance" covers these magazine start-up company concepts: business partnerships, limited partnerships, cash flow analysis, the magazine companies staff, the editor's role, magazine design, lay-out guides and grid guides, a magazine's ad-rate-card, free magazines, subscription magazines, internet magazines, e-zines, comic book magazines, tabloid magazines, pay-per-placement finance, covering special events, poster inserts, company automobiles, press badges, magazine printing, and distribution...

  • Curriculum Power! Education Power!

    By Imaginet

    0 out of 5

    "Curriculum Power! Education Power!" has been written to inspire world citizens, leaders, and educators to up-grade their education system's curriculum to build the large, ever-growing, modern world! World citizens will benefit from all of this - especially the world's poorest people! "Curriculum Power! Education Power!" explains in detail what world leaders must do to develop, mobilize, and manage a large state, or local, work-force that builds their nation, or states, new, modern, colossal economy! "Curriculum Power! Education Power!" covers in-depth: new courses, old courses, school curriculum, educator strategies, high schools, community colleges, universities, new educational technology devices, and government financial solutions and strategies! Using Ms...

  • How To Finance A Christian Resort

    By Imaginet

    0 out of 5

    Christians, throughout the United States, would love to be able to join a affordable, Christian resort system that makes it possible for them to visit hundreds, of beautiful, first class, beach, lake, and mountain resorts, year round. And believe me, US Christians possess the ingredients needed to create a fabulous concept like this! Just fathom the idea of US Christians, or, a Christian resort company, developing lots of new, spectacular, Christian resorts, with large hotels, and high rise hotels, and plenty of outstanding amenities, in: West Florida, East Florida, Orlando, Lake Tahoe CA, North Carolina, Flathead Lake MT, Michigan, South Carolina, Colorado, New York, Cancun, etc...

  • Sport’s Company Finance

    By Imaginet

    0 out of 5

    "Sport’s Company Finance" is a book that will provide readers with information on how to develop, finance, and manage a sport’s company. "Sport’s Company Finance" covers these concepts: sponsorships, partnerships, limited partnerships, business debt, business equity, incorporating, financial reports, city bonds, business lease agreements, business real estate issues, business mortgages, business credit cards, company automobiles, equipment leasing, business insurance, business ownership perks - and more! Also, "Sport’s Company Finance" encourages sport's company owners to build their own company facilities...

  • Small Business Finance

    By Imaginet

    0 out of 5

    Average people, all around the world, create millions upon millions of successful, small businesses, every year! Additionally though, millions of people fail, annually, trying to produce their own new, start-up company. And then of course, there are the masses upon masses of people, all around the world, that represent the world’s poor and working poor...

  • Colin the Monster

    By sihethaz

    0 out of 5

    The only thing Colin ever wanted in life was to have a friend of his own. When a young boy encounters trouble from a very pesky crow, Colin decides he just has to try and help the boy out. The illustrations in this book are almost entirely made up from original art work by Isabella Hetherington (aged 6 years, 9 months at the time of publication) with help from Dad, Simon Hetherington (aged 37 years, 13months)...

  • The 6 Rules of Successful Engagement

    By Stephen Langton Blades

    0 out of 5

    Six powerful messages that change the survival of leaders and teams in everyday life. A must read for any leader or team member wanting to succeed and win. By 2017 Stephen Langton Blades has acquired in excess of 96000 hours working with teams and groups...

  • His Love Is Like _____.

    By pjornales

    0 out of 5

    Have you ever mulled over the reckless love of God? Well...if you haven’t, consider this: He invited His killer to an intimate dinner, knowing full well that he’d betray Him; He set His Son up with a prostitute to restore His damaged relationship with humanity; and He adopted middle-aged self-indulging deviants called “you and me...