• Adventure Travel In A Backpack

    By The Archatek

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    Are you living the life you deserve or settling for what you can get? The term digital nomad has changed the way nomads have traveled for centuries. Are you tired of seeing others on Instagram posting pictures from amazing places around the world and wondering where to start for planning your next adventure? Than look no further as expert and Adventure Travel Influencer, The Archatek brings you this step by step guide to show you how to prepare for your next adventure whether it be overseas or right at home in your own backyard...

  • Nie wieder New York (GERMAN Edition)

    By Gogo6969

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    Mit Leonardo DiCaprio, Tyra Banks oder Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode) im Aufzug oder einfach nur auf der Flucht vor Hurricane Sandy. Zwei verrückte Jahre lang haben wir in New York City gelebt und dabei sehr viel Interessantes und Spannendes erlebt. Das "normale" Leben, das man sich vielleicht vorstellt, wenn man als Tourist in diese Mega-City reist, findet in Wirklichkeit nicht statt...

  • Chilling out in Ibiza (by Staying through the Winter)

    By donandrews

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    Chilling out in Ibiza (by staying through the winter) tells the tale of life on the island of Ibiza. When Don C. Andrews took a job at the island's international school, he had no idea that he would be joining an astonishing community of eccentrics. This is a story of a beautiful island an an extraordinary time, which will enchant and captivate Ibiza insiders and newcomers alike...

  • Open the door (pdf)

    By George

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    This is a book about how to make your travel better, by reading this book,you will make yourself more skillful on the trip. Please note that this book is written in Chinese....