• The Totalitarian: A Modern Manual of Power

    By Robingate

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    One of the illusions of life is that what is total is also permanent. However, this is not to say that one should not try to transform the former into the latter. In this, the most significant means at the disposal of the Modern Man is ideology. Ideology in the modern age is a force and primarily a political one and Arun Sahay contrasts this with other forms of power primarily traditionally based on metaphysical beliefs...

  • Essays in Technology, Security & Strategy -Volume II

    By Stephen Bryen

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    Technology security visionary Dr. Stephen Bryen has published a second volume of pivotal essays on national security and cyber security to help policy makers and citizens understand the real threats facing the security of the United States. This new edition covers Syria, Iran, Turkey, Russia and Korea and important assessments of cyber security and critical infrastructure protection...