• Medicine Man – Shamanism, Natural Healing, Remedies And Stories Of The Native American Indians 2nd Edition

    By gbtforever

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    ”Medicine Man" takes a look into the history the native American Indians and explores the use of natural remedies such as plants and herbs. The legend of the Native American Medicine Man goes back for thousands of years. Many of the Native Americans turned to the Medicine Man for the knowledge of mixing herbs, roots and other natural plants that helped to heal various medical conditions...

  • SOUL Food Deck One

    By DrNadine111

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    2017 COVR Peoples Choice Inspirational Product WINNER. The 66 cards are delightful morsels of SOUL Food to Nourish and Nurture you Emotionally, Mentally, Physically and Spiritually. Each SOUL Food card is designed to Inspire, Uplift and Motivate you so you stay FOCUSED on your Goal...