• Anzzia Magazine

    By Anzzia

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    Featuring amazing new artist interviews that can only be found here! ​Anzzia Magazine is Florida's premier Arts & Entertainment publication taking on the multiple topics of Art, Fashion, Entertainment, Music and so much More! Anzzia Magazine, the premier Arts & Entertainment publication taking on the multiple topics of Entertainment, Art, Fashion, Music and so much More! Our main series “Interview with an Artist” is taking the internet by storm allowing our readers to learn more about the artists behind their favorite works of art, music etc...

  • The Alizé Collection

    By Lynalize

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    The Alizé Collection: consist of twenty nine pieces of Art; set with four borders each,subdivide into six sections entitled; 1. Self Portraits 2. Transitional Space 3. Ethnicity Incongruent 4. Friendship Eternal 5. Ceremonial Ruse & 6. The Life After Like with all works of Art, the observer will glen his/her own message in regard to its meaning, the pieces shares a interpretive cohesiveness that can be found in the artist written publications, as well as varied color themes echoing his multicultural ethnicity...

  • The Illustrated Rosemary Farm, Sketches to Color

    By rprose

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    A bold book of sketches featuring the horses of Rosemary Farm, ready to color, frame and enjoy. Vibrant drawings of horses being horses, created by an experienced artist who knows them best. Over 40 images printed on single pages, in a landscape format, with detailed despriptions of the horses, to bring you coloring fun for hours; or just frame as is! A rare treat of a book...

  • Music of the Infinite

    By michaelandreisbn

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    Catalogue for the Russian Museum to accompany the solo exhibition at the Russian Acedemy of fine Art museum held in September 2016....

  • Nectarines Greetings Coloring Book for All Ages

    By ragdyand

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    In an age where adult coloring takes on obsessive patterns, Nectarines Greetings Coloring Book for All Ages illustrates 30 single-sided pages of fluid designs, both simple and complex, often with space for adding creativity. Exploring our coloring book is an opportunity to relax, expand and satisfy the desire to create something beautiful and complete during the course of a challenging day...

  • Inside Out. Apollo Estate, Dubbo. 2016

    By Duke Albad Art

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    "Inside Out" is a case study of an inclusive art project at Apollo Estate, Dubbo in Austalia. The book documents the project through data, essays by the artist, stakeholders and participants plus features photographic portraits of the participants and imagery of the art produced...

  • Helen Clark Oldfield – A Pictured Life


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    Drawing exclusively from Helen Clark Oldfield's own journals, artworks and photographs, the artist's life is brought forth abundantly in this book by her daughter, Jayne Oldfield Blatchly. As a small town girl in Santa Rosa California, Helen dreamed of becoming an artist...

  • Interpretive Wonderings (pdf)

    By Campbell Drake

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    Mapping works that shape country Showcasing mixed media artworks produced in collaboration with the Culpra Milli Aboriginal Corporation, Interpretive Wonderings is an exhibition of mapping works shaped by the stories and history of the country of Culpra Station in NSW...