• Scare to Beath: Zombie RiZing 1

    By SoothsayerMatt

    0 out of 5

    *Gold Medal Winner, Juvenile Fiction, 2015 Global Ebook Awards* Elizabeth is a survivor. Sure, everyone who made it through the first few weeks of the Zombie RiZing is a survivor, but she’s a special case. She’s holed up in her high school with her wheelchair-bound bestie and four of the most inept zombie fighters fate could inflict on her...

  • Beath Becomes Her

    By SoothsayerMatt

    0 out of 5

    A trip to the shops can be a real nightmare… Hungry zombies, angry giants and flying monsters are just another day in the Zombie RiZing. But with Beath and her friends now being hunted by a crazed warlock with megalomania on his mind, things are getting desperate...

  • The Winds of Power – The Sleeper Prophecy

    By RobertDrummond

    0 out of 5

    Four teenagers thrown together develop their powers and friendships in an alien world filled with all manner of strange beings and threats. The death of a blue-violet star fifteen years ago saw solar winds carry charged particles to the ends of the galaxy, reaching the outer planet of Earth, and interacting with the genes of four newborn babies, and heightening the powers within them...

  • Starship Dorsano Chronicles: Kings of the World

    By SoothsayerMatt

    0 out of 5

    The galaxy is on the brink of war and only four dysfunctional, hormone-driven teenagers from Earth stand in its way. God help us all. It didn’t take Cooper long to come to the conclusion that space sucks. It seems everyone there despises humans, everything’s too far away and the travel makes you heave...

  • Bullet Riddled: The First S.W.A.T. Officer Inside Columbine…and Beyond

    By babsterry

    0 out of 5

    Grant Whitus joined the Colorado S.W.A.T in 1992. His seventeen year career was one of constant headlines. Among leading countless drug raids and hostage situations, he was on the front lines of the Columbine Massacre, The Platte County Tragedy, the Albert Petrosky shooting, and the Granby tank rampage...

  • Oli – Earth Here We Come

    By Mark Edgeley

    0 out of 5

    A continuation of Oli's epic voyage from The Sun's of Sirius to Mother Earth, will Compo survive? Their travels, galactic mischief and scientific revelations unveiled. Stay in touch with us @ or