Stephen Langton Blades

By 2017 Stephen Langton Blades has acquired in excess of 96000 hours working with teams and groups. That averages out to nearly 16 hours a day over 300 days a year over 20 years. The bulk of his life has been spent dealing with the challenges faced by leaders in teams at nearly every point in their journey and life cycle or market condition. He has the ability to deal with just about any team at any stage of their journey in any industry. He brings with him an immensely practical and applicable set of tools which not only raise commitment and hope, but also actually increases the ability to bring about a positive change in the status quo.  He has built a unique team who match his extraordinary creativity and ability to unite people around a common goal. They posses an equally unique skill set in the fields of logistics, audio visual, technological and administration capability. The combined power delivers excellence packaged in a turn key service in very short periods of time with lasting effects.

  • He has worked with leaders and teams across Africa and the Middle East, in some of the toughest and most complex environments.
  • He has designed and delivered a wide range of high impact, innovative turning point events in the United Kingdom, Brazil, Chile, Turkey, Canada and Australia which have had rave reviews.
  • His deep appreciation for multi-cultural nuances that need to be considered when managing change make him a sought after member of any transformational team.
  • His experience in a multitude of sectors including Pharmaceutical, FMCG, Engineering, Mining, Financial Services and IT & Telecommunications unlocks innovation opportunities in clients’ teams. He and raises the capacity of people he works with solve problems rather than dramatise them.
  • He is well respected as a coach and change management consultant and has the ability to engage the hearts and minds of people from the shop floor right the way up to the board.
  • His experience spans nearly three decades and is leveraged when you need to address unique, complex and sensitive political, social and cross cultural interfaces with care and respect, and unlock understanding and cooperation in teams.
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  • 1958-60 Corvette Restoration Handbook, 2nd Edition

    By envcons

    0 out of 5

    1958-60 CORVETTE RESTORATION HANDBOOK ENLARGED and EXPANDED SECOND EDITION, by Bob Baird, PhD & Tom Howey, MD. Two-column spiral bound paper version that opens and lays flat on your fender for easy reference while you work. What you thought was an already big Handbook is now even bigger with more explanation and color photos than ever! Includes the results of an additional seven years of research since the First Edition...

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