Proving God with Numbers


The Hebrew and Christian Bible is replete with its use of numbers from beginning to end. Why is God so specific with numbers? Why do the same numbers keep coming up over and over again, and what is so important about the number seven?

Using my own testimony, I will show you how God has used numbers in my life to prove His existence, and demonstrate how He has used them to back up important events in my life. God has proven to me over and over again that He is the source and inspiration behind certain events, and has backed them up by using numbers. If you want proof of God, look no further! Hopefully by the end of reading this book, you too will be able to see the perfect design and precise timing with which God deals with His people, and the world.


Chapter 1: Talking with God
Chapter 2: Divine Inspiration
Chapter 3: Forgiveness & Letting Go
Chapter 4: Israel & The Number 7
Chapter 5: 7 Months
Chapter 6: 7 Years
Chapter 7: 70 Years
Chapter 8: Closing Arguments
Chapter 9: Donald Trump & The Number 7
Chapter 10: Messages From God: Life After Death
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1 review for Proving God with Numbers

  1. 5 out of 5

    Great book. Wow…Well done Steven.
    The numbers fully support the holy words of the bible.

    If you beleive in mathematics (then you must read), as you will be pleasantly surprised.

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