Magazine Company Business & Finance


Magazine Company Business & Finance


“Magazine Company Business & Finance” is a all-encompassing, how-to-book, that contains information on all aspects of the magazine business, including magazine finance, design, management, marketing, and operations. “Magazine Company Business & Finance” covers these magazine start-up company concepts: business partnerships, limited partnerships, cash flow analysis, the magazine companies staff, the editor's role, magazine design, lay-out guides and grid guides, a magazine's ad-rate-card, free magazines, subscription magazines, internet magazines, e-zines, comic book magazines, tabloid magazines, pay-per-placement finance, covering special events, poster inserts, company automobiles, press badges, magazine printing, and distribution.

Magazine company management and ownership can be, both, lucrative and fun! So, read my book; and find out how to create your own successful, multi-million dollar, magazine company, today! It’s easy. So don’t delay!

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