Get Active Your Body Needs You!


Get Active Your Body Needs You!


There is very little doubt that health is a personal matter. In fact, it most definitely does concern you. But we as a nation need to take a long, hard look at ourselves to find the answers to some pertinent questions:

What are we doing to our bodies?

What do we want from life?

How long do we want to live?

Is our lifestyle killing us?

Why are we eating this type of food?

I could go on with any number of questions. It is becoming clear that the vast majority of the community is not in charge of their destiny. In regards to health, people are allowing their bad habits to drag them down. Once on this downhill slide, they often see no other direction, and so, they simply sit back, accept the direction in which they’re heading, whilst vainly clinging to optimistic hope/: “It won’t happen to me”. It should be remembered that our health doesn’t exist inside a vacuum. Instead, our health does affect others around us, including family, friends, fellow workers, and in fact, all tax payers. We all have to accept the responsibility of maintaining a satisfactory level of fitness, and hopefully, lead by example.

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