A Fatal Cell Phone Video


Rafiq A. Medawar, M.D., is a rakishly handsome young surgeon. When the police find the body of his wife, Ann, in a park overlooking the Ohio River, they also discover a video on her cell phone. It shows him going into a sleazy inn with an attractive young nurse.

The prosecutor sees in the video evidence that Rafiq was having an affair. He concludes Ann confronted Rafiq, and he killed her.

Ann was taking a documentary-making class. Her classmates believe the video was part of the class project.

Ann’s best friend has her own, darker theory.

Can Devin Garner, a brilliant young attorney from the wrong side of town, discover why the video led to Ann’s murder and win an acquittal for an innocent man?

A FATAL CELL PHONE VIDEO was originally published under the title EXPLICIT BIAS.
The new version contains minor editorial changes.

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