• 1958-60 Corvette Restoration Handbook on CD, 2nd Edition

    By envcons

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    1958-60 CORVETTE RESTORATION HANDBOOK ENLARGED and EXPANDED SECOND EDITION, Bob Baird, PhD & Tom Howey, MD. Single-column CD version for your computer in an easily searchable format and so that you can enlarge the photographs even more for closer study of the various aspects of the Corvette and its parts...

  • 1958-60 Corvette Restoration Handbook, 2nd Edition

    By envcons

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    1958-60 CORVETTE RESTORATION HANDBOOK ENLARGED and EXPANDED SECOND EDITION, by Bob Baird, PhD & Tom Howey, MD. Two-column spiral bound paper version that opens and lays flat on your fender for easy reference while you work. What you thought was an already big Handbook is now even bigger with more explanation and color photos than ever! Includes the results of an additional seven years of research since the First Edition...

  • 4th International Conference on Engineering and Humanities Proceedings Book

    By scinzer

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    This book is collection of accepted papers in 4th International Conference on Engineering and Humanities and published in Proceedings book form....

  • 7 Days of Worship

    By nickfry

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    “7 Days of Worship” is a devotional designed to be read easily and in just a few minutes each day. The writing is purposely conversational. I try to keep it simple, not scholarly. I also ask a lot of questions to get you to think. So, as you read, imagine you are in a conversation with your best friend who might be challenging you into action...

  • 7 Rules To Thrive As A Performer: A Workshop Experience

    By ISBN Services

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    7 Rules To Thrive As A Performer is an exploration into your unique gift. The workbook will help you empower your gift and get ready to share it with the world in a way that allows you to also make a living with it....

  • 7 Simple Steps to Achieving Your Goals

    By Mark-Odette

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    This is the first in a series of must have tools for any budding entrepreneur, successful business owner or student who aim to ensure they gain their desired grades, break into a new career or expand their business; in fact this series is for anyone who wants to move their life from where they are right now, to where they plan to be...

  • A Fatal Blow

    By overlandgames

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    A Fatal Blow is a skirmish game of miniature combat between individual warriors, fighters and knights. Fatal Blow is designed to be a fast playing but intriguing game of battle between fantasy and medieval era warriors. To most experienced miniature gamers, there is a lot about Fatal Blow that will be familiar, however whether your are an experienced miniature gamer or not you will find a lotabout Fatal Blow to set it apart from other skirmish games in this setting...

  • A Flutter of Birds Passing Through Heaven: A Tribute to Robert Sund

    By gooddeedrain

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    The poet and artist Robert Sund is a Pacific Northwest legend. This book is an inspired biography comprised of stories, memories, poetry, photography and artwork by those who knew him. The book is also filled with previously unpublished and uncollected works by Sund...

  • A High Heels Paradox

    By Christinerob

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    Do you find yourself unable to feel that you are truly doing what you want to, and worse, are actually clueless about what you really want to do? Most of us know that we can be more! How do you keep yourself on track and shape your ideas into reality? A High Heels Paradox is a concise step by step guide strung together with principles and personal heartfelt stories, facilitating you to create a personal blue print uncovering the passionate and quiet achiever in all of us...

  • A Mighty Fortress

    By sdknox76

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    Milo Porter leads a happy life in Tampa, Florida. The Iraq war veteran runs routine private investigations by day and coaches powerlifting at night. When Chad Scalzo, the grandson of a rumored mob boss, goes missing, Milo takes the seemingly easy case...

  • A Practical Introduction to Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Compliance


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    This book provides an introduction to the key elements of the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) legislation which was introduced in the United States in 2002, to improve the governance, controls and financial reporting for companies. It includes a summary of the SOX legislation, an outline of the management certifications required under SOX, a guide to setting up and maintaining a SOX 404 annual compliance framework with advice on planning, testing and reporting...

  • A Simple Drive Home

    By PublicityGenie

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    The surprising story of a car accident victim who chose not to be a victim. This is the story of a triumph and one gutsy woman. Sometimes in life, we are faced with one moment that changes our life forever. In that moment … and the moments that follow, we have a decision to make – to sink or swim...