Redemption a Gay Paranormal Mystery / Love Story


Author G.W. Mullins sends you on a suspenseful roller-coaster ride with a mystery that will keep you guessing until the end and remind you that all ghosts are not friendly. Redemption is a rollercoaster who-did-it murder mystery.

After the death of his father Benjamin relocates to a new home in a small town where his mother grew up. His life is in turmoil after his fathers unexpected passing and dealing with coming out to his family. Benjamin thought that new surroundings would quiet the ghosts of his past. He was wrong.

As soon as he arrived in his new home, he realizes he is being watched. There is something in the house with him. The more he investigates the more alive the house becomes. And then he finds out about the missing teenage boy named Eli and the murder that had happened in the house he now calls home.

The mystery unfolds as Benjamin enlists the help of the hunky new friend he has made named Joe. A romance develops between them, but does Joe know more about the murder and disappearance than he is letting on? Will Benjamin live to solve the murder?

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