Making Phoenix Tears


Making Phoenix Tears is an empowering instructional booklet that safely guides you through the cannabinoid extraction process. This book is designed to be used solely for informational purposes. It is the result of years of research intended to bring you the most accurate information possible with regards to holistic cannabis practices that are being used to treat a variety of conditions today. Cannabis has been used for thousands of years in many cultures for many reasons.

In this step-by-step guide you will find:

A short video of the extracting process.
Over 20 full color photos
A List of Materials needed (With Links)
7 uses for Cannabis oil
How to use Cannabis oil
Resource links to further your studies
And much more.

The only way to be sure what is in your medicine is to make it yourself.

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Alyus hails from Fontana CA, where he was left behind by what the CIA believes to be extra-galactic beings. Since, he has attended several schools and spoken a couple of languages, and kissed the average amount of people you would anticipate him kissing. After extensive study, Alyus presents this collection of words for your intensive or casual review.


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