Lord of the Dance


The Bible talks about dancing in many places, both as an act of worship, and as a normal expression of joy. The church, after a lengthy period of thunder-fisted condemnation of all dance, as if it could not possibly occur without wallowing in sin, is recognizing their previous overreaction and seeing dance in many positive aspects: as an expression of worship, an enjoyable social activity, and a way to improve bodily fitness and mental acuity, to name but a few. Having been a dance instructor since 1999, and a student of the Word for even longer, the author could not help noticing that there are a great many correlations between a man and a woman dancing, and a husband and wife in a marriage. These correlations were vividly brought into focus while teaching engaged couples how to dance for their upcoming weddings—it’s remarkable how often dance lessons included, almost unavoidably, significant premarital couseling. And those same correlations apply with even more eternal import in our relationship with Christ our Redeemer. This book explores many of those correlations and similarities in a way that presents concepts of dance almost as parables whose meanings, for those who have ears to hear, are nothing less than profound in the marital and spiritual realms.

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