Jason and Alexander a Gay Paranormal Love Story


Alexander died over sixty years earlier, he has wondered around a local cemetery trying to seek the answer to his death and why he is still an earthbound spirit. When Alexander sees Jason, he finds more than a form of communication but a chance to live a life robbed of him. Jason and Alexander form an unexpected friendship, one which transcends death and forms a bond of love. But can they prove that true love never dies?

When Alexander is faced with going into the light he refuses in an attempt to stay with Jason. It is in the light he learns of the shadow people and how they are a force of evil who try to force spirits to cross over. He sees several of them when he pulls free from the light. Each one he sees will now come for him in the form of a person who has just died. They will stop at nothing until the reclaim the spirit force they think is theirs.

This story is the first in a series of Paranormal Fantasy/Gay Romance that kicks off an epic trilogy of love, life and a fight to survive.

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