A GIRL FROM GLASGOW : Growing Up In The Tenements


A GIRL FROM GLASGOW : Growing Up In The Tenements


When you think of the tenements of Glasgow, the music of Mozart, Handel and Schubert no doubt is not your first thought.
But for Scottish singer Joann Gilmartin, it was an important part of her life, far removed from the harsher side of growing up in the East End of what’s commonly referred to as No Mean City.
Singing came almost at the same time as learning to speak for Joann, causing much amusement in the local Church every week as she belted out “The Lord’s Prayer”.
She takes the reader back through a frank and unfiltered recollection of her childhood days -plooks and all!
Life was tough and money was tight. Tenement weans were old souls wiser than their years but the family values instilled in her way back then have served her well in adulthood.
They say everyone in Glasgow’s a comedian, and you’ll see why as she describes some of the antics she. her family and neighbours engaged in.
Although Joann now resides many miles away from her native city, you can take the girl out of Glasgow but you can’t take Glasgow out of the girl!

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