Daniel Is Waiting A Ghost Story


Daniel walked in the land of the dead. Now the dead want him back! The veil is lifted between the living and the dead as the Shadows come forward to capture him.

Daniel Stratton died in a tragic accident. His life should have been over but it was not. His spirit spent the next sixty years trying to communicate with the people who came to the cemetery where he was entombed. Then Jen came one night to the mausoleum seeking refuge from a life that was spinning out of control. There she found Daniel.

As they work together to free him from his forced confinement; they learn that the Light comes for all dead, and Daniel is forced to enter it. In his case there is no matter of choice. Inside he fights for his life and escapes but the enforcers of the light come for him. He saw seven of these shadow people within the light and each marked him. Daniel knows these Shadows will come for him. Each one of the seven will take the body of a human who had just succumbed to death turning them to Zombie like creatures to do their bidding.

Together Daniel and Jen must confront the “Shadows” so that they can survive to see another day.

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